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Their Modi

Posted by chimeki on March 29, 2013

Their-ModiNarendra Modi presents himself as a leader India needs, a leader who can deliver. His rhetoric of development and corruption free India has taken over every sane voice. ‘Don’t remain hooked up to past, move forward’, he suggests. His supporters sing his praises. They see in him panacea of all ills that India is seen to be suffering from!

All his supporters are not bearer of fascist Hindutva ideology. Eighty per cent of them are not anti-minority or Hindutvawadi but they are disillusioned with the existing system, which is unable to give them employment and corruption free society. Even in Germany, less than five per cent people who supported Hitler were anti-Jew to the extent to demand their extermination or secondary status for them (see Ali Rattansi’s Racism). The Hindutva forces, today, are harnessing the Indian youth’s anti-establishment feeling to further their fascist agenda. Hence, targeting Modi for 2002 genocide alone, though it is one of the most important issues that cannot be ignored, will not work. Similarly, the Congress and other Right wing parties will never be able to undo Modi’s ‘spell’ of development for they too are sailing in the same boat, using same development and corruption free rhetoric.

Ultimately, it falls on the Left to undo Modi and show people the way out. It is the Left’s historic responsibility to lead the country out of this mayhem. Yet, for Indian Left it is a hard nut to crack. It is so because it has not yet clearly defined its relationship with the country’s bourgeoisie. It is frozen into time when the bourgeoisie was seen a progressive force. That idea is passé. Indian capitalist development has reached that point. Now it has become a reactionary force which can go to any extent to completely hijack the economy, even if it means to support fascist forces.

Hence it is the responsibility of the Left to expose the corporate maneuvering as the activists of the Occupy Movement have done in the Western countries. The Occupy movement across Europe and the US is an outcome of the efforts that the activists have put tirelessly to expose big business houses. In the area of popular art too, the exemplary documentaries like,  Sicko, Capitalism: A Love Story by Micheal Moor and movie like Syriana by Stephen Gaghan have shown the true colors of big corporate houses and how they manipulate governments for their gains. Now, due to popular pressure of course, even James Bond (Quantum of Solace) has been forced to see his villains in big corporations. It shouldn’t be forgotten that Indian bourgeoisie too is a part of world capitalism. The havoc it is associated with in the most exploited countries of Asia and Africa should be debated endlessly. It would be a big mistake to see it differently.

Accordingly, India’s Left should expose corporate corruption to combat the Modi myth. He is a blue eyed boy of Indian corporate world. They present him as a trophy. Instead of concentrating on Modi alone, the role of corporate that is funding him should be exposed. The Left should work to develop a movement similar to the Occupy movement. Only a movement of that scale and vigor can expose Indian corporations and simultaneously defeat ‘Modism’ which is nothing but the obsolete 20th century bourgeoisie national chauvinist ideology.



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