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A Case for Election Reform in America

Posted by chimeki on September 10, 2013

Barack Obama

Barack Obama

With America’s rhetoric for war on Syria becoming louder, one wonders if this is a sign of failing of American model of democracy. The polls conducting by various media houses in the US suggest that more than 60 per cent people don’t want war. They also show that people see President Barack Obama’s claim that Assad government has used chemical weapon against the Syrians a lie. Even then the war on Syria looks apparent. It is just a matter of time.

The American apologists have always projected the American model of democracy as the most successful model ever practiced. They have hailed the ‘two term only’ condition for its president as one of the best, if the not best, ways of keeping a check on presidents and not making despots of them. However the truth is that America’s system has produced more depots than all the previous communist or religious states put together have produced.

Since 1950 America is directly or indirectly involved in every war occurred in the planet. During Soviet times it was believed that wars were needed to safeguard American interest or for that matter interest of the democratic world. After the collapse of the USSR and China adopting market economy it was believed that the age of war had ended. But the last two decades have witnessed more wars and more US presidents who seem eager to go to war. Starting from senior Bush and till Barak Obama no president seems serious to leave aside the policy of war as a US policy intervention in countries which it sees as a challenge to its hegemonic aspiration.

This demands a close scrutiny of American model of democracy. If democracy, as we see it today, has to survive the US model must go. A system that gives its rulers immense power to do anything without being responsible for the will of the people cannot be argued as a democracy. The more it is run the way it is run it will certainly prove Lenin right that, it is a system where one ruler or set of rulers is replaced by another to exploit workers.

The 22nd amendment to the US constitution, which set a term limit on the presidency, has allowed its presidents to work on their own. Before the amendment a candidate feared people who could show him doors and worked hard to be rewarded the next term. This way he was checked to do right things or the things people considered right. Since the amendment was passed by the Senate the presidents had acted more carelessly. Whatever good they did they did only during their first term. Richard Nixon, for example, took America out of Vietnam War. Likewise, President Ronald Reagan began his massive economic assault on people in his second term in the office. Pushing America in war on Iraq on the first term cost Sr Bush the second term. Jr. Bush led to Afghanistan, which out of some misinformation was approved by the Americans however his war in Iraq was never sanctioned by the people. Barack Obama is proving to be the most war loving president in America’s history. In the first term he talked about peace and in the second he looks more a bloodhound.

Americans have to find out way where they do not a president to act on his own without respecting the people who has chosen him. They must demand for the election reforms. The Senate must be above president and vice versa.


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