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Love Jihad: What an Idea, Sirji

Posted by chimeki on September 18, 2013

Courtesy: The Guardian

Courtesy: The Guardian

So it was Love Jihad that sparked a riot in Muzzafarnagar! A Muslim boy tries to woo a Hindu girl. The girl’s enraged brothers kill the boy and are killed by a mob in retaliation! It was that simple, wasn’t it? What happened to that girl who, unknowingly of course, triggered one of the worst riots in recent history? Nobody cared? Isn’t politics an art of using selective facts to gain premeditated results! Now that the boy is no more and no one is talking about that girl should we not try to understand love jihad.

According to online Oxford English Dictionary love means ‘a strong feeling of affection’. The same source tells that jihad means ‘a war or struggle against unbelievers’. So the person, who is on a love jihad mission, should have a strong feeling of affection to wage a war against an unbeliever. Loving someone to wage a war! I get my feeling confused.

But this isn’t a new thing of course. We have Wikipedia entries on Missionary Dating and Flirty Fishing which claim seducing or loving people to bring them close to god is allowed in the book. That insecurity associated with such tricks, might have been a cause that the love jihad’s existence in India was first discovered by a church in Kerala! Later, as often is the case, it was exploited by Hindu fundamentalist organization the Vishwa Hindu Parishad, VHP. The VHP even set up a Hindu Helpline 1500 to take on this social menace.

Even if it does exist, shouldn’t we appreciate such attempts? After all isn’t it better to spread religion with love than with swords or trishul. A person who is using love to bring people to god is better than one who promises love and sells girls in India’s flesh market. Ask a Nepali or Bangladeshi girl in Delhi’s red light area how she ended up there, she would tell a story you wish you shouldn’t have heard.

My friends, who married or are living with persons of different religious back ground, now feel that one day some of them would be accused of using the trick and a joker Praveen Togadia will find in them reasons for instigate riots in otherwise peaceful surroundings. An ideology which brands love a criminal act is doomed. So are the people who follow it.


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