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Holiday: Disappointment, Thy Name is Akshay

Posted by chimeki on July 12, 2014

Holiday_-_A_Soldier_Is_Never_Off_DutyA.R. Murugadoss’s Holiday: A Soldier is Never Off Duty is one perfect example of mindless people creating a hopeless cinema. Its success in the box office is another proof of Indians’ low IQ who are adamant about beating their own record every second day. One day they castigate Maria Sharapova for not knowing Sachin Tendulkar, the next day they cheer Rail and Union Budgets as ‘unprecedented’.

It chocks my throat to call Holiday a cinema. Believe me it is not. It is an IB propaganda film. Its message: all Muslims are either terrorists or collaborators. The film doesn’t even leave small children.

So this guy Akshay Kumar as Virat is a soldier who can think like terrorists and can really terrorize (the audience) more than terrorists. Accidently or in khel khel me he discovers that a sleeper cell is active in Mumbai and is about to attack Mumbai by planting bombs and explosive in twelve places on a same day. He recruits his twelve friends to follow these terrorists and asks them to shoot them point blank. He is sure that there is no point arresting them. He is also a new age patriot who is ready to use his sister as bait to hunt down terrorists! When sister asks why, he lectures her on nationalism, duty towards nation etc. very shamelessly. It is not understood why he doesn’t use his heroine Sonakshi Sinha in his sister’s place. Anyway she has no important role in the movie. The only reason I can guess was that he had a dance number with her just after that ‘intense’ scene.

Akshay is very consistent in delivering nonsense movies but this one beats his previous all. And no surprise it is his highest earning film. From his accent, dance steps to his un-dramatic act he touches his all time low. His Boss made me run out of theatre half way. This one gave me a shock too hard to move my legs. Next time, I am firm, I will never step in the hall that plays Akashy. By god he is a dolt.

Bollywood has learnt: the more the film is senseless the more its collection. It perfectly understands that to make that sort of movies it has to look beyond the West. So it has turned South. Mark my words our South is not letting it down. Out of all the hits in recent years most of the movies are either remake of South Indian cousins or their directors are South Indians.



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