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Mulayam’s PM Dream

Posted by chimeki on September 15, 2013

Photo Courtesy: Oneindia

Photo Courtesy: Oneindia

We know an India politician is eager to become prime minister when he starts fancying riots, blood and killings. It is up to social scientists to see why the road to India’s top seat is so soaked in blood! In 1984 Rajeev Gandhi walked on the Sikh corpses to climb the south of Raisina Hills. In 1990s LK Advani and AB Vajapayee rode ‘rath’ over people to bring their party to power and in 2002 Gujarat CM designed a riot and set his goal for future.

Former Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh Mulayam Singh is the latest example such politicians who are calculating their chances of becoming Prime Minister in 2014. Hence Muzaffarnagar riot!

The Muzaffarnagar riot is a case wrapped in many complexities and layers. For the BJP it is a polarizing plot by which it intends to consolidate its lost share of votes among the most Hinduised voters. For the Congress it is an opportunity to cover anti-incumbency factor. But it is Samajwadi Party who wants to exploit it the most. Its head, Mulayam Singh, dreams to ride on it to 7 Race Course.

Mulayam Singh’s calculation tells him, and rightly so, that in the absence of clear mandate post election, the coalition he intends to head will need support of one of the two big parties. In case the parties which are or were closer to the BJP such as Shiv Sena, AIADMK, TDP and JDU perform better, he will need the BJP to make them support his candidacy while it gives it outside support. This is why he wants to prove the BJP’s that its interests are secure under his rule.

Mulayam’s calculation isn’t without base. BJP’s patriarch LK Advani in a blog entry a year back wrote, ‘a non-Congress, non-BJP Prime Minister heading a government supported by one of these two principal parties is, however, feasible. This has happened in the past also.’ Advani might have developed his wisdom due to ‘M’ factor but it had given Mulayam Singh a good reason to dream about the coveted seat. After all it will be Advani who will have to present his case in the RSS’s court!

This was exactly why Mulayam praised Advani saying, ‘he never lies. He always speaks the truth.’ A month later he sympathized with his suffering during partition and said, ‘ …Advaniji is an honest person, he has suffered a lot during the country’s partition and has spent a life in hardship.’ Mulayam conveniently chose to forget that not all those who suffered during partition changed into hatemongers. To name few, former Prime Minister IK Gujral and even Dr Manmohan Singh had to suffer during partition.

This warming of relation demanded more than just few words of praises. In past two years Mulayam have given many such sureties. Since the SP has come in power there is no dearth of such proves. According to media reports, more than 3 dozen riots have been recorded in UP in last 2 years.

The above scenario is also true in its opposite. The cozying up of Mulayam and Advani is also a master stroke of the BJP’s old guard who too eyes the coveted chair. Advani has good reasons to believe that the NDA which is now almost nonexistent can be put together if BJP emerges as the biggest party and the partners refuse to join if Modi is forwarded by the party. In Advani’s name other party will can claim to do their bit to stop ascension of Modi. This will also give them opportunity to join BJP led government without looking anti minority! Chandrababu Naidu and Nitish Kumar have already drawn their lines and Mamta is sure to come on board.

So we are here at Muzaffarnagar witnessing murders and arsenic while two of our politicians dream of being our Prime Minister.



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